7 September 2014

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6 June 2014

lord have mercy on whoever zhang yixing’s lady is ✖_✖

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5 June 2014


How to Pack Luggage?

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4 June 2014

Jongdae’s Thunder body wave

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2 June 2014

welcome to the shinee gaydom

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11 March 2014
favorite chen moments in showtime i

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15 November 2013

Congratulations boys, you deserve this ♥  
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14 November 2013

The story behind lobsters
is that they weren’t thought of as cuisine
until the 19th century. Before that
they were considered peasant food,
and most often served in prisons.

The story behind diamonds
is that they were just rocks until 1938
when there was a marketing campaign
that forever linked them with love.

The story about you is that you thought
I was so much more than I was.

The story behind art
is that it’s never a masterpiece
until it’s already been sold.
Once it already belongs to someone else.

The story behind us
is that once you finally had me, you had
no idea what I was worth.

13 September 2013

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14 May 2013

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4 November 2012


YGENT + BIGBANG - 121103 Facebook & Twitter Updates!


22 September 2012


Gorgeously Charming Onew for ‘Singles’ Magazine October issue - 

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19 August 2012

Happy 6th Anniversary Big Bang!

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6 August 2012

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25 June 2012


120624 OnKey taking photos in a plane

this is the video~~!

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